EDISON embraces change with a philosophy centred around the principles of human centred design to solve problems and create change. We love the thrill of new challenges and briefs that allows us to tackle complex problems, be playful, immerse ourselves in people and culture and create outcomes that excite, inspire and motivate change.

The EDISON’S head office is in the heart of vibrant South Melbourne. In today’s global village, we don’t believe distance is a barrier to doing great work with great people — so wherever you are, we will be. When we aren’t at home, we use modern co-working spaces with state of-the-art facilities to service clients nationally and internationally.

Our team is an eclectic group with diverse communication backgrounds such as advertising, publishing, industrial design, human-centred design, branded environments, packaging, journalism, law, corporate identity and change management design. We pride ourselves on our unconventional ways and believe that great design stems from a philosophy and culture inspired by passion, creative integrity, collaboration and curiosity.
What is human centred design thinking and how can it help your brand?
At Edison we believe the principles of human-centred design help shape ideas and behaviours and drive value for your business. The focus on empathic problem solving means we can connect with people (your end users) more creatively and effectively and contribute towards building long-term trust, loyalty and advocacy.


Using design led thinking to create solutions that support better brand experience ideas and true innovation


Creating a centralised panel of experts bespoke to each project to share, experiment and ultimately develop powerful outcomes


Customer focused processes and offers, not internal agency focused for sustained long-term relationships


Providing structure and promoting maximum recognition and cut-through across all touch points


Creating the tools, support and framework to ensure the brand’s story and purpose continues to be relevant, and meaningful