Brown Brothers Summer Exclusive

Creating the sense of occasion for a consumer who loves novelty and fun — and letting it leap off the shelf and into the picnic basket. 

Brown Brothers created a summer range of wine exclusively for Aldi, centred around the occasion of relaxed, easy-drinking wine. Light and refreshing, with an approachable sweetness and fresh fruit blossom aromas, the rosé and white are perfect for casual outdoor and summer occasions.

Our focus was to bring to life this sense of occasion for the Aldi consumer who loves novel design but may not have a large knowledge of wine. Edison wanted to communicate the flavours and fun of the wine with a design that has a strong impact on shelf and develop naming that captures and idea of the wine flavours without calling out specific varietals.

Our creative solution is an explosion of watercolour fruit and flowers mixed in with photography and line drawings of objects you might find at summer picnics. The quirky and bright designs for Summer White and Summer Rosé delivered on shelf appeal, and also gave consumers a giggle when viewed up close. Few things say novelty and summer like bagette bread sticks and pink flamingos!



Scope of Work

Packaging Design / Image Creation / Naming / Production Management