Brown Brothers Limited Edition Export Design

A sweet celebration of spring and festivities.

Over the past years Brown Brothers has captured the imagination of the Asia Pacific market with their sweet and fruity wines, Moscato, Moscato Rosa and Cienna. The trio of wines suits the consumer tastes of these markets and command a premium price point from the target audience of 25-35-year old women who are fashion savvy and design connoisseurs. As western influences such as enjoying wine with meals and while socialising with friends has become a bigger part of their lifestyle, this consumer group are choosing premium, sweet profiled wines for everyday luxury moments. Brown Brothers wanted to further connect with this audience by creating visually disruptive limited-edition designs for the Asian spring festive season within China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan — a period that stretches across Christmas, Western New Year, Asian Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Inspired by contemporary textile design, we created bespoke florals and shapes by hand using traditional ink and brush techniques to create a distinctive floral pattern that showcased the full shrink sleeve bottle form. Each bottle is a distinct explosion of colour that captures the sensory taste profiles of the individual wines. The floral illustration is a symbolic celebration of the warmth and vibrant energy of Spring with graphic accented fireworks highlighting the revelry of Lunar New Year period. The Brown Brothers limited range is further enhanced by the lucky knot symbol as a stamp of approval on the bottle. Our experience in the Asian beverage market informed our creative process to create a design solution that was relevant, aligned to the broader portfolio architecture system and visually beautiful.

The Edison Agency used their experience in the Asian beverage market to create a design solution that was relevant, aligned to the broader portfolio architecture system and was visually beautiful.

Says Marianne Duluk, Export Brand Manager at Brown Family Wine Group, the Limited Edition Festive sleeves were effective in enhancing the brand awareness and equity of the Brown Brothers brand. The brand achieved strong cut-through on shelf with the stand- out label design at key selling periods (Christmas and Chinese New Year) in their key export markets. Shelf space is competitive during the Chinese New Year season particularly in markets such as China, and packaging really needs to attract the attention of shoppers who are overwhelmed with choice. The feedback from customers was extremely positive as the packaging design achieved an increase in the rate of sales and overall interest in the wines.



Scope of Work

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity Design / Image Creation / Branding Collateral