Brown Brothers Zibibbo

Bursting into the sparkling wine category with fresh and bold packaging that captures consumers’ celebratory spirit.

Bursting with bubbles and fruit flavours, Zibibbo is the ideal wine for all things celebration — and in a category filled with heavily ornate designs there was a growth opportunity to develop a fresh and modern offering that could appeal to both sexes.

Brown Brothers is the brand most well-known for their sweet and fresh wines and Zibibbo is no exception.  Zibibbo is fresh and sweet, but a refined sparkling wine that is perfect as a pre-dinner drink or for warm summer days. The sweet, sparkling category of wine is most likely shopped by women but consumed by both genders so a design solution needed to appeal to a wide, discerning audience and work hard to create its own below-the-line communications.

Our work identified the strategic opportunities where Zibibbo could leverage current assets and amplify communication with consumers, and stand out from the more traditional sparkling wine packaging surrounding the range on shelf.

The bold full-shrink wrap solution immediately draws the eye on shelf, with the modern, gestural ribbon creating dynamism and energy. Our solution for Zibibbo appeals to both male and female consumers, and created an approachable entry point  for new lovers of Brown Brothers wines.



Scope of Work

Portfolio Architecture / Brand Strategy / Packaging Design