Thick & Creamy Seasonal Fruits

A new take on a Dairy Farmers classic.

Dairy Farmers is one of Australia’s most trusted brands and is loved by Australians from all walks of life. The Thick and Creamy range is an established quality yoghurt founded on the premise of its name, its deliciously thick and extra creamy. The Edison Agency were invited to create a limited edition seasonal fruits series to showcase regional produce and bring ‘new news’ to the category.

The Thick & Creamy core range has a distinctive watercolour illustration style and a delicate royal blue holding device on front of pack that communicates the sense of Australian generosity. The new illustrations were inspired by traditional botanical drawings to capture the regional provenance and country spirit of the Dairy Farmers master-brand. The oversized bold fruits form a distinctive pattern around the outside of the tubs and are an inversion of visual hierarchy of the core range. A crisp royal blue circle holds a modern and gestural Thick & Creamy logotype – each varietal and point of origin is proudly called out as a distinctive point of difference. The solution was simple, the new Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy range expresses its abundance of fruit and modern style with a bold confidence that demands attention on the shelf.





Scope of Work

Packaging Design / Copywriting