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“Too often, investors, entrepreneurs and established companies ignore old brands capable of being reborn,” commented Luke Johnson, a British published author, columnist in the Sunday Times (UK) and entrepreneur, he says, “The excitement of the new blinds them to the possibilities of reinventing tired classics.”

It was with great excitement then that the brand team at The Arnott's Group, headed up by Krishma Sood engaged The Edison Agency to embark on a mission to reinvigorate one of their beloved but unloved Australian snacking classics - teeVee snacks.

What's Old is New again:

Originally launched in 1964 (that's 10 years BEFORE colour television arrived in Australia!), teeVee Snacks became an instant household classic. The quality chocolate coating and malt biscuit became the go-to snack as Australians and their children became acquainted with this new and exciting habit of getting in front of the box.

Over the years, the success of teeVee snacks grew and the brand and pack design evolved alongside the developing culture of Australia - before settling in the late 1990's as the distinctive Blue or Yellow box that consumers remember today.

Making even a minor adjustments to such a cultural icon can often be met with unexpected passionate consumer emotion as the loyalty that consumers attribute to these brands is high, and the nostalgia of their own youth carries immense weight. TJ Leonard from Ad Week[1] notes that “Customers often find warmth and comfort in memories, as they’re usually associated with fond experiences or feelings.”

As such, the undertaking to revive this icon had to be approached with a delicate sensitivity. Simultaneously, the mid-post pandemic world presented a unique opportunity to re-shape and re-focus on the teeVee Snacks brand.

Post Pandemic Consumer Trust:

“In a time of so much uncertainty, when daily decisions about personal safety and financial wellbeing are made, most consumers are reaching for brands they trust” writes Stephen Rogers, MD of the Deloitte Consumer Industry Centre. [2] “It may provide comfort to reach for something familiar, and it’s one less decision to make.”

As Amber Bonney highlights in GLOW x Edison "Given the shifting global dynamics, brand trust is more important than ever. Brands must move to address new consumer priorities, with 21% of consumers trusting brands more than before (Maura Regan Forbes Council 2021)" and this is being reflected across the globe. Ultimately living in a post-covid world of chaos, confusion and general anxiety, consumers have been turning back to their trusted brands in droves.

Businesses around the world are dipping into their back-catalogues to explore the strength of that nostalgia and inherent trust, to reinvent for a contemporary audience - could Lego POSSIBLY be any more culturally relevant than it is today? no way?

Beer brands like Billsons and Reschers, even Cadbury are looking to the past, re-imaging and embracing with a modern twist with great effect.

Armed with this knowledge The Edison Agency and Arnott’s were able to realise the profound trust consumers had for teeVee Snacks and use this as a launchpad to pay tribute to the past, whilst modernising the brand for renewed growth. 


Alongside the core flavours and new innovation, teeVee Snacks also utilised the incredible power of collaboration to open the door to new audiences. Krispy Kreme, a brand that itself was re-launched to great success in Australia mid 2000's. Russel Shulman, Krispy Kreme CMO said in a recent article[3] “Our new goal was not to be the biggest, but to be the most loved. Now, we are dedicated to tapping into trends and bringing them to the mainstream.”

Joining forces to co-create represents both brands utilising their significant strengths – teeVee snacks brought the nostalgia and taste credentials, and Krispy Kreme brought the fun and “cool factor.”

Other such collaborations like Lego+Stranger Things (did we mention that Lego was culturally relevant?!), Uber and Spotify, and even Cheetos and Forever21 have utilised their shared resource and brand power to reach new audiences.

Agency Partnership:

Re-branding the iconic teeVee snacks and finalising a total of 14 products ready for market launch would be no mean feat at the best of times - however doing so within a 12 week timeframe was monumental!

Through a highly collaborative and uniquely agile process - the Edison Agency and the Arnott's Young & Fun brand team joined forces, uncovering the strategic white-space, receiving consumer validation, and developing a structured future-proof design system in a demonstration of a gold-standard agency/client partnership.

“The Edison team have been incredible to work with! Throughout multiple projects, we’ve fostered a collaborative, dynamic and agile process that has unlocked the creation of a new design system for an iconic brand and delivered multiple product artwork designs in record timelines. With a clear brand vision, it’s a seamless client-agency relationship.” said Krishma Sood.

With results far exceeding internal benchmarks and expectations, the newly re-launched teeVee snacks brand and creative platform has;

  • Generated millions in sales for the brand
  • Brought the brand into the “new household” consideration set for the first time in over a decade
  • Delighted consumers around Australia – with record high trial figures
  • Gained virality across social media platforms, considered as best-in-class use of TikTok

teeVee snacks - bright, vibrant and alive and ready for another 60 years of success!








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