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Last week I attended the 2021 Leadership Summit - Women in Marketing and I was introduced to a speaker and consultant Kylie Paatsch from The Fearless Way. Kylie and I have since connected virtually for a 1on1 to learn more about the synergies we have in our leadership approach. Given the ongoing challenging business climate we are all experiencing right now (home schooling, lock-downs, lack of socialising and too much wine!) I wanted to share her skills and approach.

With over 25 years’ experience in business, leadership and people development and after a long tenure with Flight Centre, Kylie is passionate about supporting small businesses, organisations and leaders to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

As an advocate of conscious and courage-centred leadership, Kylie has a passion for developing female talent and creating progressive workplaces.
As a certified coach, leader, facilitator, professional speaker and meditation teacher, Kylie draws on the concepts of positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and keeping things simple.

Kylie has developed a new program called The Conscious Leader and in that shares the journey leadership has taken.


  1. Execution Era (1760 – 1920) The functional leader
  2. Expertise Era (1921 - 1955) The power leader
  3. Empathy Era (1956 – 2019) The emotionally astute leader
  4. Conscious Era (2020 –) The aware leader

Looking at the state of where we are today, the Conscious Leader brings their whole self to the job with total awareness. They are authentic, inclusive, emotionally astute and even when making difficult decisions - are able to do so with sensitivity and empathy. I see this as the type of leader that has some of the attributes of people like Eckhart Tolle, Jacinda Ardern and Dr Brene Brown!

Kylie spoke in her workshop about attributes of modern leadership and introduced the group to a simple tool to help leaders asses where their strengths lie across the four quadrants.
You can reach Kylie here if you feel this could be something your business or organisation could benefit from!


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