Arnott's Shapes Mini Bites
Client The Arnott's Group
  • Packaging & Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
Scope of Work Packaging Design System / Visual Identity Design / Packaging Design

Mini bites, max flavour

The Edison Agency were engaged by The Arnott’s Group to develop designs that hero an innovative new lighter, crunchier and munchable Shapes format while delivering on the powerful flavour proposition that Shapes is renowned for. Re-asserting Shapes as the go to brand for flavour and creating a sense of surprise and delight in returning flavourful fun to the brand.


  • Generate appeal of impulsive shoppers
  • Deliver excitement, talkability and relevance to the Shapes brand
  • Hero the distinct new product texture and generate a clear look and feel that creates excitement and cut through on shelf
  • Expand current Shapes usage scenarios into the ‘Afternoon Top Up’ occasion and convey the unique textures into the flavoured snacks segment.


The solution is designed with the new product format top of mind. Heroing Shapes iconic ‘Flavour You Can See’ promise through bold curated photographic elements that generate powerful textural cues. Emotive typography creates a sense of playfulness throughout the design that plays into the light crunch and big flavour proposition. While the central biscuit holding shape facilitates consistent flavour and shelf navigation throughout the Shapes product range. Accompanied by bright and vibrant colours the final design is crafted to embrace the enthusiasm of Shapes Mini Bites and guarantees that you’ll be munching through the whole box in no time

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