Amber Bites Big with Carolyn Bendall

CMO Swinburne University
Episode 04

Carolyn Bendall

Boss Woman Title:
CMO Swinburne University

Be visible, be brave, be kind


In Episode 4, Amber Bonney Bites Big with guest co-host Carolyn Bendall - the powerhouse Chief Marketing Officer of Swinburne University, and recent appointee to the MCC committee.

Inspired by Amber's own Mantra, "bite big and chew like hell", in this episode we talk about Carolyn's extensive years of experience and how her Mantra, "Be visible, be brave, be kind", was built on lessons learn't from early in her career, and has evolved into something that is true and authentic to her own being.

With a bucket list of achievements, such as 16 Cannes Lion awards for creative excellence, and a 3-time Australian CMO top 50, we dig deep with Carolyn into the importance of having visible female leaders for younger generations to see and learn from, and how when Carolyn first started out, jobs for women came with a gender lens over it and how she intuitively knew it just wasn't right and women should be able to do anything.

As a big advocate for inclusion and diversity of all kinds, we discuss Carolyn's impact and contribution to a more inclusive world, how she consciously builds her teams so as celebrate the importance of diversity, and how she is bringing modern thinking to a historical institution.

Bite Big has donated $500 to the chosen charity The Man Cave an mental health and emotional intelligence charity that empowers boys to become great men.

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