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BITE BIG - Boss Women Leading Big Brands is a podcast that gets under the skin and inside the minds of great Australian brand bosses.

From start-ups to educators, independent hustlers to ASX listed chiefs - BITE BIG explores the personal mantras and motivations of top marketing gurus sinking their teeth into the daily challenges of big brand leadership.

Hosted by agency Founder and Brand Strategist Amber Bonney, the BITE BIG podcast is researched, mastered, written, recorded, designed, produced and engineered by women, for women.

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Hello I'm Amber Bonney; designer, thinker, mentor, mother, writer, strategist, (now) podcaster and speaker - my achievements are as diverse as my ambitions and interests!

I was once described as "a mouse in a bull dogs costume" which I'm taking to mean my bark is louder than my bite.

My neurodiversity comes with some unique superpowers, I am quick to connect dots and like a bull at a gate when it comes to achieving something I have put my hyper-focused mind to. I describe myself as a dynamic and colourful character, I am always evolving, am perpetually curious and never quite satisfied with the status quo. I live by my personal mantra “Bite Big and chew like hell”.

I'm a proud feminist and passionate about using my expertise and voice to champion for greater gender equity which is why Bite Big is proudly a podcast produced by women, for women.

As one of 5 daughters in my family, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by strong sassy independent women. Same too for my career, each day I am inspired by the strength, humility, empathy and drive of incredible women.

After twenty years in an industry where the status quo is male senior leaders, I appreciate that not all women have the skills, confidence or propensity for self-advocating and being seen. So, through the embodiment of my personal mantra ‘bite big and chew like hell’ (and my very loud voice), I hope to share the eclectic stories of great ‘boss women’ in the hope we empower other women to succeed and find their voice.

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Head of Marketing at Uber & Uber Eats Japan
Episode 1
Co-Founder of Collective Closets
Episode 2
Co-Founder of Angel’s Care
Episode 3
CMO Swinburne University
Episode 4
Senior Copywriter and founding Editor of Mavens
Episode 5
Founder of She Lion Group
Episode 6


The Bite Big podcast is researched, mastered, written, recorded, designed, produced and engineered by women, for women. In the true spirit of Amber’s mantra, we are committed to using our expertise and voice to champion gender equity — providing funding, counsel and support for initiatives that improve the lives of all those who identify as women.

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Guest fees from each episode have been thoughtfully donated to the following organisations:

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