Amber Bites Big with Leah Morris

Senior Copywriter and founding Editor of Mavens
Episode 05

Leah Morris

Boss Woman Title:
Senior Copywriter and founding Editor

If it feels good, do it.


In Episode 5, Amber Bonney Bites Big with guest co-host Leah Morris - a change maker, Senior Copywriter and founding Editor of Mavens, an independent publication designed to champion gender equality in our communications industry.

Inspired by Amber's own Mantra, "bite big and chew like hell", in this episode we unpack Leah's personal mantra, '"If it feels good do it!" and discuss how growing up in regional Victoria has shaped her attitudes and values in business today as well as the significant influence her late father had on how she sees the world.

We get under the hood of Leah's 2020 "lock-down" side hustle that ignited the launch of Mavens and how her commitment to helping women become more visible in our industry and shaping a better future for the next generation of creatives.

Raw, vulnerable and heart warming, Leah's story will inspire you to follow in her footsteps and contribute to creating your own kine of impact through education, advocacy and bravery!

On behalf of Leah Bite Big has donated $500 to the chosen charity Ready Set an independent Melbourne community organisation empowering people experiencing hardship to enter into the workforce through clothing and job preparation coaching.

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Leah's book reco 'Invisible to Invaluable: the Power of Midlife Women' by Jane Evans and Carol Russel

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