Building a culture of collaboration and creativity

By Brian Rodrigo-Llagas, Design Director

At The Edison Agency, we are driven by more than a desire to create transformative design and strategy, we create positive change for people and brands. Our agency culture is something that's important to us as people, as it influences every aspect of our day-to-day lives, both professionally and personally – it’s how we show up and have impact.

A healthy agency culture is crucial to promoting a positive working and learning environment for everyone. As a team, we work collaboratively and approach problem-solving with a curious and interdisciplinary mindset - exchanging ideas and using our expertise from different industries to create innovative and effective solutions for our clients.

Our culture not only refers to our creative process but also to the social dynamics within our agency. We value the mentor-mentee relationship between our senior and junior creatives and prioritise using our spaces to foster creative problem-solving.

We use our values of collaboration, curiosity, solution-thinking, courage, and no egos as our guiding principles – these shared values contribute to a positive agency environment that fosters a sense of community and purpose for our team and leads to better outcomes for our clients.


By valuing collaboration, we foster an environment where employees work together as a team towards a shared objective. This encourages us to share ideas openly and allows team members to feel at ease while working with one another.


We believe that a curious mindset facilitates continuous learning and growth, promotes innovation, and encourages risk-taking. This curiosity leads us to new ideas and approaches.


We approach challenges focusing on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems and building a can-do attitude within the agency. We don't see problems as hurdles but as new puzzles that we can solve!


Being courageous means taking risks, questioning conventional practices, and raising one's voice to address issues that need attention. This helps us be more open and dynamic within the agency.

No di@khead policy

Our no di@khead policy emphasises the importance of humility and collaboration. We check our egos at the door, which means we can work together more constructively, respectfully, and empathetically, leading to better communication and stronger relationships. This approach also encourages us to prioritise the agency and team's needs and work collaboratively towards achieving common goals.

Overall, these values-based principles help to create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and support within The Edison Agency. By embodying these principles in day-to-day ways of working and holding each other accountable, we can continue to grow our profile as industry leaders and of course, attract great new partners and talent. At The Edison Agency, we are not just a team; we are a community driven by a shared purpose, values, and passion for creating truly impactful work.

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