7 Global Consumer, Design & Brand Trends - 2019

2019 has begun with a crazy sense of uncertainty, resilience and plenty of surprises in between. The likes of another year with Trump and Kim as “besties”, an Australian dominating the NBA, Bradley Cooper becoming a rock-star, witnessing the impact of the #MeToo movement and a general sense that we’re in a time where anything could (and is) happening, means it’s difficult to feel confident predicting anything.

So it’s great that I don’t have to.

Stick to what you know right?

Here are our “observations” (not predictions…) of the Global Trends we’re keeping an eye on at The Edison Agency in 2019.

1. Radical Realness (Beautiful Imperfection)
The rejection of traditional values of “beauty” in favour of quality, taste, honesty and function.

2. Super Sensory
Enhancing experiences by translating flavour and texture into dynamic expressions.

3. Sustainability
Increased transparency in ingredients and process, along with consumer expectation in a commitment to ‘better’.

4. Provenance
Genuine stories of place that create emotional bonds between user and producer.

5. Social Enterprise
Brand purpose anchored in a ‘cause’ to promote positive societal impact.

6. Disruption + Agitation
Releasing the shackles of category codes to excite and surprise

7. Personalisation
Generating bespoke connections with consumers, through data mining and direct brand experience.

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