#9 Building Community

Want to do good through your business?

I believe that one of the best ways to create positive change in the world is to look after your community.

In the creative industry, I see two distinct communities.

At Edison Agency, we would generally consider our community to include the local businesses that serve us everyday, including those that do our cleaning, shred our confidential documents, help us with taxation compliance and all local cafes, restaurants, and bars we frequent in the local areas.

Looking after that community means taking care of our local businesses, operating ethically, always paying on time, and treating others how we would want to be treated. Post the extended lock-down Melbourne and Sydney lock-downs, it is more important than ever to support those local businesses and help revive the economy.

We consider our industry community to include anyone who operates in the same sector as us, but especially the next generation of students and new graduates. We like to inspire, nurture, and provide practical support and opportunities to these communities through:

🔹 Treating other businesses and peers well
🔹 Not undercutting others
🔹 Refusing to pitch for free
🔹 Advocating for others' work
🔹 Mentoring
🔹 Taking on interns (but paying them!)
🔹 Running programs for students
🔹 Contributing to podcasts, panels and talks
🔹 Showing up when peers give talks
🔹 Championing and advocating for women in business
🔹 Connecting with industry bodies
🔹 Helping raise the profile of design in Australia

Looking after your community might take extra time, effort, and even dollars. But it's worth it. Because elevating your people, your industry, and your community elevates your business as well.

How do you support your community through your business?

This post is part of a The Edison Agency 10 year reflection series, covering some of my biggest takeaways from the past decade in business. Read the blog here:
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