creating posters for real change

If you research what makes a poster great, it aligns with what many marketers, designers, art directors, meme inventors, artists, are seeking to connect with their markets and audiences.

Keep it simple, clear and concise. With have an idea that is relevant, eye-catching and attractive. At a distance it smacks the eyeballs, at close inspection it rewards with exceptional detail.

A great poster sells tickets, seeds awareness, inspires change, finds your ferret, decorates your kitchen, or blitz's an international art auction (see Warhol, Banksy, Barbera Kruger, et al)

The Posters for Change project was devised by Slanted Magazine to raise money for people impacted by the ongoing the war in Ukraine. The brief was broad, which can be super difficult. However, I framed the project with the creative team to go to the fundamentals – idea, audience, form and connection.

In our busy world, with a multiplicity of “look at me” moments, connection with a compelling sense of imaginative single mindedness, always takes the hearts and minds prize.

In between deadline chasing, five of the design crew had a crack and zoned in.

Enjoy, Aa

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