Diversity & Inclusion at Edison

Inclusion is about creating a workplace where individuals can feel free, comfortable and safe to be who they are, and where the diversity that a person brings to a workplace, team or organisation is not only accepted but celebrated and capitalised on.

Whilst inclusion for organisations involves making choices, it is no longer a choice to be inclusive - it is a necessity.

At Edison we have commenced the SBS inclusion training program, running a self-paced completion process for everyone to work through the 8 units.

The Inclusion Program is designed to give all workers core skills and knowledge around inclusion in general, and specifically around some other diversity dimensions: First Nations, LGBTIQ+, gender equity, cultural diversity, disability, and generational diversity.

Content is largely delivered as short films and animations which make difficult concepts easier to understand, and interviews featuring real stories from diverse people, academics, and managers of diverse teams.

We have found it invaluable, stimulating conversations that otherwise wouldn’t occur, and broadening not only some of our views internally, but also helping us to be more considered in the work we produce for our clients, and the greater community.

Below is a bit of feedback from some of our team;

The SBS Core Diversity and Inclusion program has been amazing. All 8 courses have been well presented with a diversity of media and learning styles from simple written quizzes to more comprehensive and dynamic animated videos and interviews. These courses have stimulated healthy discussion amongst the team and it’s my personal belief that being open to learning and understanding is critical to being a progressive businesses. Continuing to have open conversations about what diversity and inclusion means across all areas of our business, from the way we design, our approach with clients and of course how we treat each other. This has already created opportunities for self-reflection that will have a positive impact on our recruitment approach, policies and physical environment.”.

“I am familiar with diversity and inclusion before moving to Australia but I became more aware of these when I started living and working here because it’s either I am in a space that is multicultural OR I am in an environment where I am the minority. The course has also made me be more aware of how I interact with other people given our diverse backgrounds and coming from different positions of privilege.”

“The concept of intersectionality was very eye opening. Made me think about unconscious bias, generalisation, and stereotyping to make sure I avoid doing them and knowing what to do in case I slip up. This also made me think about the bias and assumptions made about me in the past and how I should’ve/could’ve addressed them when it happened.”

Check out the full course for yourself here

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