Hello 2023!

Welcome to 2023 everyone! I hope you have dusted off from the break we all needed so desperately and are back into the swing of a fresh new year. This year, I’m looking forward to a year of imagination, rejuvenation and saying “yes” to things I would not have otherwise considered, a bit like how I lived my best life in my 20’s!

We have already welcomed the new year with some new business partnerships (announcements about that to come soon) and enjoying the beautiful sunshine across our eastern states.

2023 is the Lunar Year of the Rabbit, it’s a year that holds special sentimentality to me as the spirit animal of my birth year (you can google that if you like and work out when I was born if you are dying to know!). Kindness, energy, and strength are symbolic of the rabbit so I’m advocating for all of us to wrap our arms around those virtues and run passionately and vulnerably into the rest of the year.

Some highlights we are pumped about…

  • 1094 Innovation Program gets a Year 2 makeover with some exciting new projects already in the wings
  • Glow 2023 Trends Workshops – new inspiration coming
  • The Design Conference in Brisbane (hoping we can get there this year!)
  • Podcast Studio built in our Melbourne office
  • Fresh new website update
  • “GINMAS IN JULY” event (Sydney clients you will not want to miss that!)
  • Pilot launch of “Brand Relevance Report” with agency collaborator (watch this space)
  • #2 Edison Garage Party for our 12th birthday (come at your own peril)
  • More “work from anywhere” for all of us! (so far we are spread out over Japan, Germany, Byron Bay, Regional NSW and Gold Coast!)

Lots to be excited about.



As a head and heart brand practice, we are committed to putting our money where our mouth is, which is why since the agency opened its doors in 2011, we have created strong connections with our community, people, partners and industry and its these ties that have helped shape who we are today.

We see creativity as a superpower and we intend on using it for good! An important part of our agency purpose is connected to achieving a balance between profit, people and place.

We use our privilege and power as communication experts to stimulate change and action from the inside out, working with both industry and commerce to increase our social and environmental impact.

A few focuses for this year…

  • Edison University development program kicks off (watch this space for some special invites)
  • We are getting our hands dirty for Clean up Australian Day (photos to come)
  • Year 2 of our Happy Boxes program (we’ll be asking for product donations!)
  • Creating a better workplace with a new SBS Inclusion Program
  • Sweating it out for Run for the Kids - Melbourne event
  • Podcast going live - “Bite Big - Women leading brands”

Community is at the centre of our mission. We prioritise the health, wellbeing and growth of our people and regularly contribute to the advancement of our industry through the education, mentoring, professional development and partnerships that inspire positive change.

We are passionate about using our expertise and voice to champion gender equity - providing funding, counsel and support for initiatives that improve the lives of all women.

Across all areas of our practice, we pride ourselves on being open, courageous and collaborative with a drive to put one foot in front of the other and do better.

Here’s to a good year with impact.


Founder and chief hustler

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