How lying in bed can change your life.

Covid? A distant memory right?

Try casting your mind back to the lockdowns and perpetual pain, fear and frustration that was a daily occurrence - I bet it's a little foggy in there, other than knowing that it was hell, the feeling has likely been muted.

Like all things, time and space dull the memories and the brain rewires itself to focus on the now as a coping tool.

But while focusing on the now might feel like a proactive and action orientated plan, it can also make it difficult to be aware of the bigger picture, or even the bigger opportunity you may not have known was there.

So, within the chaos of deadlines, present buying, parties and holiday planning how can you find a moment to elevate yourself out of the now and take stock of the bigger picture?

In bed!

Personally I think it's complete garbage when self help books talk about finding a moment during a walk, or a quiet time in the day to 'get comfortable'.

As a father of two kids, with a full time job and varying hobbies - the one and only place or time for self reflection is prone, in bed... that's where 20 minutes if you can be bothered sparing it, can have a great impact.

How to best utilise that time in bed? I think there's three fundamentals; 

1. Breathe

 "The perfect breath is 5.5 seconds inhale, and 5.5 second exhale" according to James Nestor's Breath - the new science of a lost art.

Practising this slow, rhythmic breathing both calms the body and mind (prepping it for sleep), but is also a mediative act in its own right. At the conclusion of breath work, you'd be amazed at the zen like clarity that allows you to explore your inner thoughts.


2. Gratitude

Hugh Van Cuylenburg of The Imperfects and The Resilience Project promotes the benefits of practising gratitude "When we take the time to reflect on the things we are grateful for in our relationships, we can appreciate the people in our lives more fully”. This can lead to increased feelings of connection and empathy towards others, which can in turn lead to stronger, more meaningful relationships. Additionally, expressing gratitude towards others can make them feel valued and appreciated, which can improve the dynamic of the relationship."

Taking the time (whilst prone of course), to think about others and the good of what you have, and what IS rather than what ISN'T - is a beautiful way to separate from yourself.

Separating from yourself then becomes a means to explore different points of view and reflect on the impact you have on others, thereby expanding your understanding.


3. Read

This one is essentially just ANTI-SCREEN time, especially pre-bed.

I'm as bad as anybody at getting stuck in a mindless YouTube or Insta spiral of video shame, or succumbing to the doom scroll... (though I HAVE deleted Insta/Facebook apps which has helped).

So much of my day is spent in front of a screen, from mornings reading the news and working out the schedule, to 90% of my work day on a laptop, to TV with the kids at home, and then in my "relax" time... it is astounding how much more 'digital' my life is, than 'analog'.

I'm not saying that a 5 minute YouTube summary on Napoleon isn't convenient and compelling watching, but the mental softening of reading actual pages is one of life’s great luxuries.

And you know when your eyes start to roll around, and you can't remember what the last 5 words you read actually were - it's lights out time.

Ok - so why all these tips for how lying in bed can give you the chance to reset?

  • Taking the time to consider the bigger picture is true for both personal and business interests also
  • When you're head down and pushing through the daily grind, it's hard to poke your head up high enough to see what's coming or where that opportunity might be sitting
  • Reaching out for help, even to just have a conversation on the challenges you're facing in business is what The Edison Agency is here for

This piece is intentionally a driver for opening up new and unexpected connections, so if you're legitimately interested in a conversation to unpack big picture or challenges for your brand or business - I'm here to help.
And I promise I won't take your call from bed!

Written by Steve Wren
Business Director
The Edison Agency

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