Mimmo Cozzolino x Edison

Mimmo Cozzolino, iconic designer, observer and artist presents a hands on exploration of Australian Identity from the outside in.

Edison invited Mimmo to visit the studio and explore his capture of the origins of Australian commercial art and design, via his ground breaking publication Symbols of Australia.

Emigrating to Australia with his family from Ercolana, Naples in 1961, a twelve year old Mimmo embarked on journey to make sense of a new language, country, culture and home. Ever curious, ever aware of the world around him, a student quest for a book of Australian trademarks began. Created a decade long project that unearthed 3000 trademarks, an insight into Australian expression, a body of unique work and a design and culture conversation that started over fifty years ago.

Transporting the studio into Mimmo’s world, Edison was awash with posters, books, samples, artworks, artifacts, quotations, images, stories, facts, conversation, dreams and wonder for Australian creativity.

Please drop by again Mimmo.

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