Building Distinction as a Challenger Brand

National Hamburger Day. Is it a nod to one the world's most universally loved foods? Or an opportunity to let people know what they’re missing out on?

This year Pepsi decided to go with the latter. Putting their front foot forward in claiming that Pepsi tastes better than Coca Cola when served alongside American’s favourite food. 

To supplement their position they didn’t just commission independent studies to reinforce their product truth they jumped on the truth that for the last 30 years consumers haven’t been allowed to order Pepsi’s alongside their choice burgers. Primarily due to ongoing licensing deals between Coca Cola and the major chains. 

Communicating this narrative by developing dynamic and unexpected brand associations between Pepsi and these prominent burger chains that previously have not been allowed to exist. Working the iconic Pepsi brand mark through the instantly discernable colour palettes and branding that McDonalds, Wendy’s and Hungry Jacks pride themselves on and simultaneously  leaning into Pepsi’s brand codes with distinction. 

Truly embracing their challenger brand status and celebrating this relative freedom to be provocative and innovative in their creative direction. Ultimately achieving a piece of creative that fuses these quintessential brands at the hip. 

Now on National Hamburger Day, a day where brand loyalty is put to the test and Pepsi has played predominantly as a spectator. They are prompting the question to consumers, are you missing out on something better?

This rhetorical,self examining question is at the core of the mindset that consumers use when distinguishing between brands and a question that at Edison we are consistently seeking to answer. Through the establishment of bespoke brand narratives and authentic demonstrations of brand’s distinctive assets we are devoted to providing brands with a launchpad to unlock their potential and ask themselves the same thing- are we missing out on something better?

So give us a whirl and we’ll see what we can do.

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