The must read books for Brand Managers

Many brand design and strategy books offer a plethora of avant-guard design, marketing and process terminologies; pyramid diagrams and flow charts. This often creates more confusion than clarity so when I need to break through the mind clutter I refer back the top three books that have shaped the way I think about brand design and strategy. Here is a snapshot of what they meant to me.

1. Stripping back the pomp and fluff

What inspired me about Marty Neumier’s ‘The Brand Gap’ was the genius of its simplicity. A compact and easy to read book that was designed as a single-read during a long-haul flight – what’s not to love. It demands critical thinking in a simplistic way, challenging the reader to strip back the ‘pomp and fluff’ and get to the point.

2. Understanding consumer perception

Mark Batey’s book ‘Brand Meaning’ opened my eyes to the science of consumer behaviour and psychology, archetypes and semiotics – outlining the power and commercial influence of what Mark describes as “the image economy”. It’s a heavy academically based read but well worth the investment of time and use of a highlighter.

3. The power of culture to create and transform

The ‘Viking Manifesto’ by Claes Andréasson and Steve Strid was first published in 2009 as a book about branding but soon become acclaimed for its gutsy and bloody account of the Scandinavian Vikings and their cultural legacy. It showcases how brands cement themselves into the bloodstream of culture without following traditional methods of marketing and advertising. Not only am I a lover of Scandinavian product design, but I have been equally fascinated with the narrative of brands like Ikea, Absolute and Lego - all of which are described by the authors as “modern vikings”. A great read if you are looking for inspiration in breakthrough categories and innovation.

At Edison Agency we have taken some of the most relevent insights and principles of these books and integrated them into our own strategic frameworks, feel free to DM me if you’d like to discuss how we can help you build your brand.

Written by Amber Bonney
Managing Director + Head of Strategy

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