The Strongest Aussie Brands

It should come as no surprise to see BUNNINGS top the charts as Australia's strongest brand in 2022.
Whilst the 'brand strength' was ascertained using several metrics including marketing investment, stakeholder equity and business performance, it cannot be ignored that the way a brand acts contributes just as strongly.
When a business so doggedly and single mindedly sticks to its purpose, continuity of brand voice and strong visual identity - it's clear to see how that strength has grown and a worthy accolade. 
For those shoppers not actively engaged in the Bunnings business, the facilitation of vaccination centres and their demonstration of community support (Bunnings sausage sizzle on steroids!) engrained the brand into the hearts of Australians and awoke additional consideration opportunities.
Bega as the only consumer brand, landing in spot 6/10 is also a beautiful reflection of Australian's desire to support local and drive loyalty and value through celebrated icons.
In addition to 'strength', Australia's most 'valuable' brands highlighted that retailers have been the clear winners through the pandemic - now a cynic might say that panic-buying has contributed to that platform, but it's also worth noting that the simple function of a retailer in society makes it an indispensable backbone to a modern lifestyle.
Of course Apple on a global scale it is no surprise that Apple still holds onto the No. 1 as the world’s most valuable brand - and while it’s a long way from hosting a sausage sizzle in store, they are true beacons of innovation and user centred design. In this post pandemic world, it's brands that are being true to their purpose and leveraging their distinctiveness in authentic ways that are kicking all the goals
- Written by Stephen Wren, Group Account Director
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