Tim Tam Deluxe
Client The Arnott's Group
  • Packaging & Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Packaging Design
Scope of Work Packaging Design | Image Creation | 3D Modelling | Range Architecture Naming

next level indulgence with luxury Tim Tam range

How can you take a product that is already considered the king of the treating occasion and make it EVEN MORE indulgent?

Arnott’s Tim Tam, responding to consumer desire for more adult indulgent flavour combinations, required a new tiering platform and visual ID to communicate the ultimate in indulgence. The most indulgent Tim Tam range ever, with more chocolate and even more gooey flavoured centres, required a sensory overload experience to match.

The 4 key challenges to solve were:

  1. Create a significant visual point of difference from the core and limited edition ranges, whilst retaining distinctive brand assets for the step up Tim Tam range
  2. Name a platform that communicates the premium proposition as well as a solution for range architecture
  3. Clearly communicate the sensory reasons to believe (more chocolate, more gooey fillings)
  4. Visualise the product proof points via strong sensory cues to hit ‘indulgence’ theme

The Edison Agency’s result established a strong premium tier of the iconic Tim Tam collection through a rich black landscape which contrasts the luscious colour and textures of the 3D illustrated chocolate and gooey waterfall. Ribbons of cascading chocolate flow into an indulgent sensory pool of chocolatey indulgent bliss - it’s Willy Wonka for the adult evening occasion!

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