Tim Tam Slams
Client Campbell Arnott's
  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming
  • Packaging Design
Scope of Work Naming / Design strategy / Packaging design / Image creation / Art direction

Creating excitement and owning the ritual

The iconic Arnott’s Tim Tam brand has always been a staple of the Australian grocery snacking aisle. The core range combined with the introduction of limited edition flavours and pack innovations has cemented the brand into the mind and hearts of consumers for over 50 years. However, increasing category pressure brought about by a wider repertoire of treating options for the shopper highlighted the importance of innovation and disruption to create new news for the brand. Campbell’s Arnott’s engaged The Edison Agency to create a new strategic solution for a seasonal limited release that showcased the ‘Tim Tam Slam’ ritual as a platform for ownable distinction and excitement.

The Edison Agency developed a unique design strategy that included naming, packaging and image creation designed to revive consumer engagement, capture the proposition in a compelling way and achieve maximum cut-through on the shelf by breaking aisle conventions. The solution ensured that the canvas of the pack delivered sensorial cues that delivered both appetite appeal and the playful sensorial appeal of the ‘Slam’ ritual, each product a heroic sensory feast of new Tim Tam flavours.

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tim tam slams design
tim tam slams design
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