Client Women in Science Parkville Precinct
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Visual Language Systems
Scope of Work Brand Positioning / Brand Language / Brand Identity System / Visual Language System / Launch Material

bringing diversity to the medical research field

Women in Science Parkville Precinct (WiSPP) was established to empower organisations to work towards a culture change within the medical research field, creating environments for diverse voices in science to be heard, and to lead. Established in 2014, WiSPP had outgrown their visual identity, and recognised a need to rejuvenate their positioning to reflect their principles of diversity and inclusion.

Edison was engaged as WiSPP’s strategic identity and design partners for this relaunch based on aligned business purpose and values, completing the organisations launch stage as a pro-bono project as part of Edison’s Design For Good initiative.

Designed to reflect positive change in the medical research field, the new identity and visual language for WiSPP establishes a progressive new chapter of growth and empowerment. A design system that is bold and proud - the ‘S’ is now a device the hero language device that symbolises the diversity of the organisations core values. Approachable and succinct messaging has been fused with a bespoke illustrated system that celebrates human connections with spirited charm. 

The bold typefography reinforces the organisations credibility, while a warm and modern colour palette shows inclusivity and a humanities-driven philosophy. The design system solution helps to emphasise the human aspect of the organisation, reinforcing the underlying motivation ofempathy and supporting others through positive behaviour.

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