Thick & Creamy
Client Lion Dairy & Drinks
  • Packaging
Scope of Work Packaging / Typography / Illustration

Bringing to life delicious Australian flavours with a beautifully crafted new style

The Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy range is an established and well-loved yoghurt with generous fruit flavours of the Australian country combined with extra creamy yoghurt. The Edison Agency were invited to develop a new look for the range that showcased the delightful regional produce used to create the product and lifted the range to a space that was a contemporary expression of the Australian countryside with a naturally crafted feel.

Inspired by traditional botanical drawings that included fruits, flowers and leaves — the fullness and bountiful nature of the Australian country was celebrated on the primary packaging. The new designs showcase the iconic Diary Farmers blue that allows the contemporary watercolour illustrations to stand out in rich, natural colours. The Edison Agency commissioned artist Carla Ellis to create the warm and expressive watercolour elements - her signature included on the packaging artist.

The playful watercolour fruits, flowers, and leaves form a distinctive pattern around the tubs, and the crisp royal blue circle holds a modern and gestural Thick & Creamy brandmark in pride of place on the front of the pack. The design solution captures the generous nature of the country, and the new Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy range expresses its abundance of fruit and modern style with a bold confidence that demands attention on the shelf.

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