Fun & Fruity
Client Brown Family Wine Group
  • Packaging Design
Scope of Work Brand Strategy / Visual Identity Design / Image Creation / Packaging

Opening up a refreshing world of wine for new entry drinkers

Brown Brothers’ Fun + Fruity range is one of their most popular — and with good reason. The range contains wine that is sweet and vibrant, perfect for summer days and the occasions when the mood is lifted.  The Fun + Fruity range of wine is of high quality but also friendly, with approachable and refreshing flavours for younger drinkers and for new explorers in the world of wine.

The Edison Agency was engaged by Brown Brothers fully realise the lightness of spirit in the Fun + Fruity occasion with a contemporary image style and colour palette. Our work created a range of bottles that would look perfectly at home in a picnic basket, or in an ice bucket at a city rooftop party.

The overlapping soft watercolour shapes and a carefully considered colour palette introduce flavour impressions without pretension to a younger audience and new drinkers of wine.

The unified Fun + Fruity range creates greater on-shelf recognition,  while communicating the lightness and spirited mood and occasion. Want to know more about this project? Contact us.

brown brothers moscato new design
brown brothers moscato range brown brothers moscato picnic
brown brothers moscato bottle range
brown brothers moscato in glass
brown brothers moscato bag
brown brothers moscato picnic
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