Dairy Farmers Classic
Client Lion Dairy & Drinks
  • Packaging Design
Scope of Work Branding Packaging

Design Strategy to tackle the iconic Classic range of flavoured milk

As part of the Dairy Farmers branding update, The Edison Agency were engaged by Lion Dairy & Drinks to develop a design strategy to tackle the iconic Classic range of flavoured milk.

The key challenges:

  1. Create a design that reflects the wholesomeness and nostalgia of Classic via a contemporary design
  2. Retain ‘time to find’ from loyalists
  3. Different states held differing nostalgic ties to the distinctive brand assets
  4. Harmony in design across multiple print capabilities

The Edison Agency solution re-imagined the Classic milkshake glass in a modern and dynamic shape that delivered to the familiar semiotics of the original asset whilst modernising the aesthetic expression. This was an evolutionary step from the previous design with an emphasis on increasing appetite appeal and integrating hand-crafted flavour cues. The animated dairy ribbon evokes the sensory creaminess of the flavoured milk and the bold new sub-brand word mark speaks more proudly to the range. The inclusion of the Classic milkshake straw with its iconic stripes captured the sentimental nostalgia of the Australian milk bar injecting wholesome warmth and energy into the expansive range of multi and single serve bottles and cartons.

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