Hustle Fitzroy
Client Hustle Fitzroy
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Scope of Work Naming / Design Strategy / Packaging Design / Image Creation / Art Direction / Branded Environment

Bringing colour to an iconic urban streetscape

Fitzroy — an iconic of Melbourne and the inner-city Mecca for all things cool, bearded and alternative (trying to avoid saying ‘hipster’ but you get the gist)! The whole area is kooky, graffitied and full of incredible coffee and bars — not an easy place to start something new in. Through our naming tools The Edison Agency developed a shortlist of names that captured different aspects of the unique offer — narrowing down the list to Hustle Fitzroy because well, it just felt right. This name has sass and is memorable and easy to recall, a fact not only important for customer recognition loyalty, but because it needed to feel like it belonged.

The Hustle brandmark and design language is warm, expressive and up-beat. The softness of the colour palette strategically offsets the rough and gestural nature of the urban landscape. The texture and energy of the hand-drawn typography is harmonised by the minimalist brandmark and the accents of the pastel yellow add confident nostalgic tones through the interiors and take away packaged items. The bespoke typography on the facade of the cafe and throughout the interiors was handpainted by local Melbourne typographer Lachlan Philip — a mark of authenticity in an area renowned for its street art and urban grit. Incredibly unique fusion food, great design and coffee to boot — it’s our new favourite place to ponder.

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