International Women's Day 2022
Client Edison Agency
Scope of Work Packaging Design

Celebrating the artistry of great women

Every year for International Women’s Day we take a focused look at great women who have impacted our lives, many of which who have been under acknowledged in their paid or unpaid work.

We have a prickly relationship with IWD, while in principle we know that there is much more to do than a single day take-over (it can feel a bit like corporate women-washing) we acknowledge that all focus and education on the issue helps to drive positive change.

As a creative exercise, we asked one of our designers, Steph Ehrlich, to create a series of posters and wine labels that celebrated the incredible artistry of four great women over the course of history. Maybe we will get them produced one day if we can do so without copyright infringement! #winegoals

  • Grace Cossington Smith: 1892 - 1984, one of Australia’s most celebrated painters
  • Zaha Hadid: 1950 - 2016, an Iraqi-British architect, artist and designer and the first woman to receive the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize, in 2004
  • Magdalena (Frida) Kahlo: 1907 - 1954, one of Mexico’s most famous women who overcame significant health trauma and chronic pain to build a coveted international career in painting.
  • Stephani Germanotta (Lady Gaga): 1986- present, an American signer, songwriter, and actress who helped reinvent women’s role in storytelling

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that women are still a long way from equality and equity. Globally, women bore the brunt of the physical, emotional and financial impacts of the pandemic with their livelihoods affected at almost twice the rate of men.

At The Edison Agency, we use our privilege and power as communication experts as a voice to stimulate change and action from the inside out.

Fitted for Work

Since 2018, we have chosen to support the community service of Fitted for Work each IWD, making monetary donations to the cause each International Women's Day. Fitted for Work is a non-for-profit employment organisation helping women build skills and develop confidence to achieve meaningful work.

To learn about the great work they are doing visit

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