Primo Mini Mix-Ups
Client Primo
  • Packaging & Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
Scope of Work Packaging Design / Illustration

A playful, fun set of characters to brighten lunchboxes everywhere!

Building off the highly successful Stackers proposition, Primo sought to tailor a product specifically for younger, smaller hands that would bring nutrition, flavour and fun. The challenge was to create a unified range that spoke to the nutritional benefit of the product ina vibrant, fun and youthful design.

Design solution:

Hand drawn Australian animals were created, filled with joyous, youthful personality to truly engage with the target audience and stand out within the deli-meats section. A colour palette of natural but vibrant tones beautifully surrounds our natural characters to present a tasty and engaging product that calls out for small hands to explore. 

primo kindy range
primo kindy branding
primo kindy chicken and tasty cheese
primo kindy platypus
primo kindy chicken breast and tasty cheese
primo kindy honey ham and tasty cheese
primo kindy illustrations
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