Social Soup Brand Identity
Client Social Soup
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Visual Language Systems
  • Brand Books
  • Design Language System
  • Digital Design
Scope of Work Distinctive brand asset & semiotic analysis Brand Strategy / Brand Architecture / Brand Identity Design Key Visual Design / Collateral Design / Brand Book / Print-Ready visual assets

Future focus on future influencers

Social Soup, an influencer marketing agency focussed on driving impact for brands through influence, has long been a pioneer within their industry – founded in 2007, they were “influencing” before it was even a thing!

To maintain their leadership and pioneering mentality, Social Soup engaged The Edison Agency to review and optimise their current visual identity system to better represent & reflect where their business has evolved to today, a much bigger and more mature company.

The challenge was to create an identity system that redefines the impact of influence that is  distinct to Social Soup, but that also has the flexibility within it to ensure relevance to the distinct and very different audiences.

The brand expression created reflects Social Soups nature – strategic, sophisticated, a sassy creative edge, thought leaders with an enduring pioneering spirit. The identity system created is a modular system derived from the Fibonacci sequence and uses this style aesthetic to create interesting shape formations that can be simplified or made more abstract and complicated. The end result is a visual language that’s bold, flexible and dynamic.

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