teeVee snacks
Client The Arnott's Group
  • Packaging & Brand Identity
  • Visual Language Systems
Scope of Work Packaging / Brand Identity

rejuvenating the iconic teeVee snacks brand

The Arnott’s Group engaged The Edison Agency to re-imagine their iconic TeeVee Snacks brand with a contemporary, fun and youthful consumer in mind. Edison developed a new visual identity and language system for TeeVee Snacks that was designed to future-proof new innovations and range extensions and regain attention for the much loved Aussie icon!

The design solution was developed to bring to life the playfulness and shareability of TeeVee Snacks biscuits while ensuring delivery to consumers key emotional drivers – wanting munchable tasty treats that really hit the spot. The vibrant and dynamic packaging structure takes inspiration from the distinctive pack shape that has become a well recognised brand attribute.  

With a reimagined brandmark that was adapted to leverage the retro nostalgia of the brands heritage, the new portfolio design has energy with a playful confidence not seen by the brand in the past. The range architecture definition was an important part of the solution as Edison built a system that was both a nod to the past with a focus on the future through exciting flavour innovations and unexpected brand collaborations.

Launched in early 2021, the TeeVee snacks design range has already surpassed business expectations with the delivery of over $4.5M in retail sales value in a short period with just one customer! Achieving the top ranked position with TeeVee snacks Original Glaze ® in the total sweet category within 2 weeks of being on planogram in Coles.

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