Tim Tam Crafted Collection
Client Arnott's
  • Naming
  • Visual Language Systems
  • Packaging Design
Scope of Work Naming / Design Language System / Packaging design / Illustration / Art direction / Retouching / Copywriting

Tim Tam crafts a provincial flavour series.

Continuing a long tradition of product innovation and seasonal flavours - Australia’s favourite treat; Arnott’s Tim Tam, sought to inspire people to look beyond the every day flavours and take a provincial flavour journey.

The Edison Agency were engaged by Arnott’s to design and name a new limited-edition Arnott’s Tim Tam series that would satisfy consumers desire for ‘premium, indulgence’ using a regional flavour series theme sourced from local Australian and New Zealand regional provinces.

This project required a design system that clearly and beautifully brought to life the provenance and desirability of each of the Trans-Tasman locations whilst also showcasing the ingredient to maximise appetite appeal. With the market congestion in treating high, the challenge was to create a uniquely Arnott’s Tim Tam solution that was distinctive but used an aesthetic and design system to speak to the audience without pomp and status.

Designed to create unmissable impact on shelf and a sense of escapism - the Tim Tam CRAFTED COLLECTION fuses regional realism with artistic impressionism to create a range unlike any of its past. The design system showcases the region and ingredients without overshadowing with traditional on-pack clutter - keeping it simple and letting the flavour do all the work.

Edison commissioned local artist Anita Xhafer to seamlessly integrate the flavourful ingredients with the regional landscape - the result is a captivating series of landscapes that enhances the sense of emotional escapism through artistic expression.

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