limited edition blazeaid shiraz
Client Brown Family Wine Group
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Scope of Work packaging

helping to rebuild a community with BlazeAid.

As a business located close to some of the bushfire disaster zones, Brown Brothers was acutely aware of the devastation felt in local communities. With this sentiment top of mind, The Edison Agency approachws this brief with the passion and humility, considering all content, design and execution to best captured the brands emotional and inspiration response to the devastation of the regional . 100% of all profits will be donated to Blaze Aid – a National organisation that helps local communities rebuild infrastructure after natural disasters. This was a collaborative pro-bono program with support from Brown Brothers printers, designers, photographers and PR partners - a great signifier of an industry coming together for a positive community cause.

The Brown Brothers Limited-Edition ‘BlazeAid’ Shiraz has unisex appeal and is beautifully embellished with subtle, high-quality print finishes to reflect the quality of the wine. The contrast between the native Australian botanicals juxtaposed against a deep-blue mottled foil background cues a hopeful, flourishing future for the local bushland.

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